A malformed, almost grinch-like, hairless man with a severe intellectual deficiency. Often mistaken for a homeless person.
Person 1: Poor weird looking little man seems to be homeless and in need of help.

Person 2: I don't think he's homeless, probably just a gertz.
by Timmy Franchise February 10, 2010
Top Definition
A mythological creature. The Big Foot of modern times, it is said that when the aroma of burnt seeds and stems are in the air it is only a matter of time before this beautiful creature will appear from the depths of a local forest or marsh land. Practice extreme caution when this mythological beast does its mating ritual, he(she?!) will serenade you with the wymsical movements of a young Ellroy Jetson. (Researchers have coined the term "Jetson's Dance" for this phenomenom.) Do not feed this creature after midnight, and do not get it wet.
"Make sure the wind is blowing South East before you spark that, I don't want another Gertz incident"
by Spanky McJanky September 19, 2006
When a person leaves work early when no one is looking.
I went over to his desk to drop off the TPS reports but he had already pulled a Gertz.
by BiggieBalls31 July 31, 2008
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