1. An exclamation of confirmation of success.

2. "Mission accomplished."

Popularized by the assassination of Osama bin Laden by the Navy SEAL Team Six, otherwise known as "Operation Geronimo." When Osama bin Laden had been successfully assassinated, the code-word "geronimo" was given to President Barack Obama, who was monitoring the operation in real-time in Washington D.C., to confirm mission success.
White guy: "Did you have intercourse with that pulchritudinous female last night?"

Black guy: "Yea nigga, tapped that shit. Geronimo."

Navy SEAL Team Five: "How'd it go?"

Navy SEAL Team Six: "Geronimo."
by BreadKrums May 03, 2011
Top Definition
1. exclamation or cheer, with suicidal tendancies; synonyms: banzai, here goes, wooo, oh crap

2. possibly from Chiricahua Apache leader's name, who was against the U.S. government and raided Mexican and American settlements in 1876-1886.
GERONIMO!!! *jumps out window*
by miso December 02, 2003
A prominent male leader will fight against anyone who tries to harm his family, disrespect him or steel from him. He is also someone who takes necessary risks to defend what is his and what he believes in.
Don't cross Geronimo or history will repeat itself.
by SugahKookie August 06, 2009
Another word for powerful love, unconditional love that never dies
Love makes you want to jump from the empire state building, screaming the whole way down. I don't even call it "love" i call it Geronimo
by Chika7ah9ah December 07, 2006
The Eleventh Doctor's catchphrase in Doctor Who. He uses it when about to do something rash
Doctor: Geronimo! *jumps into black hole*
by Allonsier10 June 28, 2015
What one girl says to another if her tampon string is showing, especially if she is in a bikini on the beach, or is a stripper in a skimpy outfit. Refers to the tampon string sticking out like a parachuter's ripcord. This alerts the girl of her embarrassing predicament without saying something truly embarrassing such as 'Tampon String Alert'! It is also the girlie warning equivalent of a guy saying 'XYZ' to a guy, meaning Examine Your Zipper (cuz it's down).
Girl to another girl on the beach: Um Geronimo!

Another girl: OMG no! (Throws a towel over her bikini bottom and makes a quick adjustment to hide the string)
by sarasplayroom.com July 13, 2009
A bet placed by Paratroopers in the original US ARMY Airborne Company; could they say "Geronimo" while exiting the aircraft?
by Cherry Commando May 24, 2013
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