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A form of Brother-hood that concerns a German and an Asian, hence, the name Germasian.
They follow strict rituals such as double beef and cheese burgers every month together and have sweet rides. such as honda Accords and Mitsubishi FTO.
They also follow the Germasian Code
"look at those 2 hardcore people cruzing! Bet one is german and the other is asian! its the Germasian!"
by asian-man888 May 18, 2009

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One who is of German and Asian heritage.
"Is he German or Asian?"
"He's Germasian!"
"Ohhh. I'd tap that."
by fastmovingzombie January 21, 2007
One of German decent who has the facial features of, or is commonly mistaken for, an Asian.
"Look, the main character from Ninja Assassin looks just like Cameron."
"Dude, Cameron is like 100% German"
{He must be a Germasian!}
by Garchomp April 06, 2011