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The German Blockade is a Swift Move, Requires lots of skill, But! here it is Once Your Friend Or Enemy is sleeping, You Yank down your pants in excitment and Sqeeze a load (Bust a Nut) into their Closed eye socket; once your Friend or enemy wake up their Eye will be blocked Shut; Thus giving them a German Blockade!
Chuck: Hey Kevin I gave your Girlfriend a German Blockade!
Scott: NO WAY!
Ross: YES, He did , I Watched it!
by Charlesss May 15, 2007

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When you "bust a nut" onto a person's eye while they are asleep, so when they wake up, their eye is blocked from dried semen.
"I'm going to give Billy a German Blockade when he's asleep, because he teabagged me"
by roflzorz October 30, 2007