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The act of puking one's brain's out all over the walls*

* - room must be the bathroom
I heard that after she got home, Isabel german showered her entire bathroom! Those crazy germans!
by Cowper Crew May 14, 2011
When someone farts into the intake of a CPAP machine while it's user is sleeping. There's no escape.
Similar to a Dutch Oven, but the victims of a German Shower can only be on CPAP.
by leatherneck March 02, 2012
The act of defecating a violent stream of diarrhea onto the head/face of another or oneself*.

The german showerer's anus plays the part of the shower faucet while the showeree enjoys** the hot fecal material enrobing his/her visage.

*see tub girl

**It is quite often the showeree does not in fact enjoy this.
"One day I consumed 3 gallons of spicey chili and went and annihilated my girlfriend's face with a violent torrent of jalapeno pepper laced excrement. She quite enjoyed the German shower but the jalapeno peppers-not so much."
by Bukkake Gargler January 05, 2005