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To penetrate a woman in the vagina with a man's penis, whilst said man fingers her asshole.
duuuuuuuuude, I fucking gergered that shit.
by hoboo128 August 06, 2009
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Pronounced: JAIR-JAIR
it is a nickname given to someone usually with the name Gerald/Gerard or something similar. These are the poor boys that are magnetically attracted to the Jercer species. (whether the jercer is a boy or girl-the powers of magnetism cannot be stopped.....sorry)

Ger-Ger is just the nickname given to them when theyre IN the relationship with the Jercer. Its much cuter. The Ger-Gers during the period of time in the relationship (usually a long i said before..magnetism is a strong force) simply because it sounds better and they wont care because they are under a spell by the Jercers (hypnotization....those dirty dumbershits)

Ger-Gers are very, very if you have a son named Gerald, Gerard or something similar.. cover him in 4 leaf clovers, horseshoes, a penny that he found on the ground, and other lucky/irish-y stuff
IMPORTANT!!!!! Knock on wood RIGHT when you get up! Those skinny-fat Jercers could be pulling you with their giant magnet on your front lawn!
Gerald: what a nice day
*jercer comes by with giant magnet*
GER-GER: iluvu my smootchie cootchie coo mwah mwah<3
dweber: Lesson learned! Don't name son Gerald!
by radsda1withunevenbrows February 24, 2011
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