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Lead singer and main song writer of New Jersey band My Chemical Romance,one of the very few bands like by the mainstream who do whatever THEY want.Jumps around like a sex-crazed monkey on prozac while on stage and is very kind to his fans. Often called "Hot oh em gee!" by teeny boppers who are very,very mad that he cut his hair. They're out for blood,I tells ya!
Gerard enjoys horror movies,comic books (he had his own line coming out soon,called the Halloween Academy,I think)and has has an obbsesion with death from a young age.
His voice ranges from beautiful to the scream of a mental patient. Adored by tens of thousands of teenagers worldwide,for showing them it's OK to be fucked up.Despite popular belief,not all MCR fans have a desire to have his babies,though I wouldn't complain.
"This shit is easy peasy pumpkin peasy...pumpkin pie motherfucker!"

"Okay, I am going to make this to the point. I AM a homosexual, But I'm really comfortable for who I am. I will be who I want to be. So please don't care about my sexual orientation, care about my music. If you think it's wrong to be a homosexual, then you're actually sorely mistaken. So please, just show your pride. "
Note: That one above,it's probably sacrcasm...o_0!

"Just 'cause you're bigger than me, just 'cause you're smarter than me, just 'cause you drive a better car than me, does not mean, no way no how, that I'm sucking you off. For any amount of money."
Gerard Way
by bandanasarerad September 07, 2006
The lead singer of My Chemical Romance.
Founded My Chem with their old drummer, Matt, after witnessing 9/11.
Was an alocholic but got clean and sober in July 2004.
Also writes the lyrics for the band.
Has amazing skeleton pajamas.
Is quite possibly the one of the best looking men to walk the planet.
Also, he is not gay. He currently lives with his girlfriend and in apartment in New York.
Gerard Way is extremly talented and does not deserve all you so called fans wanting to do "things" with him.
by wowthatshardcore August 22, 2006
An amazing singer/songwriter lead vocals for my chemical romance a great band with awesome song lyrics
gerard is gorgeous not hot not fit but gorgeous
gerard way is amazing
by mcr - lover November 30, 2006
sex god, used when discribing someone hott, pretty, sexy,
Rina: He's my Gerard Way, who's yours?
by rina February 28, 2005
the HOT lead singer of my chemical romance. the only person on this earth who is hotter is Frank Iero, the rhythmn guitarist for my chemical romance.

contrary to popular belief, gerard way is straight. He may kiss guys, but that doesnt mean anything. From what i've read he has a serious girlfriend or whatever.
gerard may kiss guys, but thats hot so im okay with that.
by Samma August 08, 2005
To Make Things Simple, He's Hot And Talented, Well, Thats An Understatment. He's Gorgeous And Has An Amazing Voice. Lead SInger Of My Chemical Romance Which Are *In My Opinion* THE Best (L) Gerard Married Mindless Self Indulgence Bassist, Lyn-z In September 2007 After MCR And MSI Toured Together On Linkin Park's Projekt Revolution. They Announced The Pregnancy In November. Their Daughter, Bandit Lee Way, Was Born In Los Angeles At 2:57 P.M. On May 27th And Weighs 6 lbs., 5.6 oz. Awww :)
Gerard Way said he is "very excited" about fatherhood, adding: "I don't know that I ever thought about having a kid, but then I also didn't expect to meet Lyn-Z. When I met her I knew she'd be the one person I could have a kid with."
by MCR<3 June 06, 2009
The lead singer of My Chemical Romance. my chemical romace
Brother of Mikey Way. Very talented, very amazing, very special. A recovering alcholic and drug user.
Gerard Way is my lover.
by battybaby September 03, 2006