A really great singer and my obsession!
I love how he wears the red eye make-up!
He is the lead singer in the band
My Chemical Romance.
He is so rad...Awww! And his band rules!
by Enna B. January 07, 2005
Gerard Way is the lead vocalist and frontman for My Chemical Romance, the Post Hardcore(not emo, not punk, not pop) band that was formed in 2001 after the World Trade Center attacks. I, personnally, think the band is okay. ONLY okay. HOWEVER... all the lame-asses who say stuff like, "Gerard is the worst singer ever, get a life you freak" have no lives themselves if they waste their time telling people about bands they hate. ON THE OTHER HAND... all the "teeniebopping bitches" who say stuff like, "Oh my god, i want to fuck/rape/orally please Gerard, he is sooooo freakin' hott n sexi" is just as bad. They should stop and think. Do you honestly believe that this 20-something dude with a girlfriend really enjoys reading that thousands of 14 year old girls want to fuck him? If anything, it will cause him to stop making music in an attempt to exit the spotlight. SOOOOO... people who fall into either category shold get lives and stop ratting on/complicating his. Thank you.

PS-Gerard is not gay/bi. He kisses other bandmates, but if you look into it, this is not an uncommon thing for many hardcore/metal bands to do. He's also had a long term relationship with his girlfriend Olivia. See? I did my homework
Get a life, no-one likes you, go back to new jersey you fag!!!

Oooooooooohhhhhhh mah god, ur my god!! I wanna put on a dildo and screw you up the ass!
by TheRegulator June 10, 2005
The product of twenty eight years of perfect ageing that is too hot for most of the population to handle.
The person in MCR that looks the hottest is Gerard Way (disclaimer:this is a matter of opinion)
by four wafflez March 25, 2005
The most beautiful human being known to man kind.
If you were in a room alone with him you would die because of his beauty.
by nikki April 25, 2005
amazingly talented lead singer of My Chemical Romance, amazing singer, writer, and artist, he has been through a lot in his life and has the ability to put into words what most people can only think. oh yeah, hes so damn sexy....
gerard way is so talented and sexy!
by xblacktornheartx March 29, 2005
One of the most talented vocalists in modern rock, lead singer of my chemical romance. Friends with Bert McCracken (lead singer of the Used). Just the all time hottest guy ever. The hair, the make-up, the voice, the style, the face. Yum
Gerard Way fucking rocked at Taste of Chaos.
by MyUsedChemicalR0mance May 20, 2005
The man who i will most likely never meet in my lifetime..who i love. He is an amazing singer and has the sexiest voice I've ever heard in my entire life. He has amazing hair. He the lead singer in one of the greatest bands of all time My Chemical Romance. His voice/body/face/everything about him brings the highest degree of pleasure to my senses. He is the sexiest man to ever walk this planet....whoever marries him is the luckiest bitch ever. Gerard also wears makeup..which is amazingly sexy on him. He is orgasmic. That is all.

-Oh how wrong we were to think that immortality meant never dying-
I waited 2 hours outside My Chemical Romance's tour bus waiting for Gerard Way...and he wasn't in there. It was freezing cold outside .....but at least i got to meet Frankie and Mikey. It was amazing. MCR puts on one amazing show. Gerard..i love you
by Kylie April 16, 2005
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