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Gerard Way is the fat, ugly, talentless "frontman" of a loser emo wannabe band who all the girls claim is "so hott"

I am sure most girls would prefer him to me, purely on the basis he is in MCR and I am not, but fortunately for me I am still way better looking and don't have a weight problem either

I wanna know how much the ladies loved him pre 2001 and My Chemical Romance, not many I bet

Fame works wonders for ugly pricks like him
Teenybopper idiot : "Gerard way is so hott"

Me : "Shut the fuck up you brainwashed flattering sheep"
by MeAgain25 August 05, 2007
The guy from My Chemical Romance. Danyelle wants his nuts.
He's noooooot okay

trust me
by The dude from fear factor May 02, 2005
That's a man? Oh, I understand, he's going for that Marily Manson "What the hell is that" look.
Gerard Way is Green Day's bitch.
by Faux Fink November 22, 2005
gerard is gay and i have proof. he kisses bert from the used all the time. he even said he was gay on Fuse. if they said they are gay then they ARE gay and you cant change that you teenies. And Gerard said if he wasen't making music he would be making children's books LOL!!!
he is gay so stop going OOOH HES HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT you bitches, and hes not hot at all
by my chemical romance are EMO April 19, 2005
The lead singer of my chemical romance. Thease girls think hes "hott". I've seen him, and hes very ugly. Hes NOT hott. He can't sing. He looks like a freak. He has long black hair and wears makeup. He must be gay.

see: my chemical romance

I bet GERARD can't sing his WAY out out of a paper bag.
MCRfan: LYK, OH MI GAWD!1!! Gerard is lyk soooooooooooooooo hotttttt!1!!!!11!!! Hes the only reason I lyk MCR.
by SABRINA (emo hater) March 02, 2005