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Gerard Way is the lead singer of My Chemical Romance. So, okay - he's pretty good lookin an all, but if you spend all your time wishing that u could fuck him then you REALLY need to get a life! I mean come on! He's 28, and he has a girlfriend! Their music is the best and that's enough.
Anyway He has got better things to do than read a load of random people, that are LITERALLY HALF HIS AGE, wanna fuck him!
Gerard Way has bettter things to do than read these notes. I wish I could meet him an everything, but thats never gonna happen so I move on!
by Rose - or Sasha November 11, 2006
49 175
Lead singer of the New Jersey rock band My Chemical Romance, also a talented artist, brother of Mikey Way.
He's also very attractive.
I would.
How wrong we were to think that immortality meant never dying. - Gerard Way
by liastd August 28, 2006
42 170
queerbait piece of shit who steals off of other artists' ideas. Most notebly, Marilyn Manson. Don't believe me? There's an article about it Spin mag.
Gerard Way and his merry band of cock sucking pieces of shit couldn't make decent music or be original if their lives depended on it.
by Senator Assface September 01, 2006
61 192
Gerard Way - Lead singer of an emo band called 'my chemical romance' amazing singer!! in the style of emo
OMG!! 'My Chemical Romance' kick ass! and Gerard Way is soooo hot!!
by Erz July 02, 2005
87 222
Relatively overweight front man for world reknown rock band My Chemical Romance. Often seen wearing a SWAT vest so as to help compress his fat. Has a trademark broken blood vessle on the right side of his face beneath his eye which has been fondly named Nigel. Likes to pose in ridiculous positions for photos, is missing teeth, and is a camera whore. Also has a tendancy to talk. A lot.

Commonly referred to as Big Mama, Geetard, and Steve.
"Gerard Way, shut up, you're embarrassing all of us."
by bad_luck November 19, 2005
81 221
frontman of My Chemical Romance. USed to have beautiful long black hair. Now he is ugly with white short hair
Kid 1:Have you seen Gerard Way with white hair? He is so ugly now!
KId2: Yes I have! HE is not good looking anymore. Also he has a girlfriend and a daughter with her. NOw I can't marry him
Kid !: Life is so unfair.
by jaydis November 18, 2006
24 166
the most un-scene person on the face of this planet. the object of almost every single teeniebopper girl under 14. most lovers of way and his band are posers according to pretty much any scenester you ask. this includes me. he will never be scene or hardcore or even emo, mostly because of the fact that he wears make up. one word- faggot.
jon: gah, gerard way is such a fag!
kesha: yeah i know, the only people at the stage when his band played were all the little 14 year olds that are too scared to go in the pit during atreyu.
jon: yeah and he wishes he was fashioncore like us.
kesha: yeah he's stupid.
by scenexcore jon. December 24, 2005
60 204