one of the most overrated singers of all time and does not really deserve the attention he gets
Old before the black parade mcr fan: man gerard way is totally fake

New only black parade mcr fan: no he's not he is just as good as Patrick Stump maybe even better, but they are totally not fake or sellout or anything else because they rock and you dont know what good music is also Gerard ranks up there with 50 Cent and Fergie my other faves!

Old before black parade mcr fan: Oh yea you are truly dedicated *sarcastic*
by ninjaberp October 18, 2007
gerard way is the lead singer from My chemical romance MCR
use to be best mates with the lead singer if The Used bert mccraken
but fell out last year
gerard way is also bi and has also seen bert naked eww bad sight lol
he has the coolest dress sence and hasbeen my idol for a year now
he sometimes wears red eyeshadow
and also gerard is really hot
emo kid. did you see gerard way last night ?

emo girl. yer hes so hot drools

emo kid. i know im going to marry him
by Gerard-lover-A.K.A-James March 25, 2006
leadsinger in the band my chemical romance. he is in love with bert from the band the used. worshiped by emo kids, vampires and wannabe goths.
some random emo kid: gerard is so amazing and sexy and, and, talented!!!!!
i want to suck gerard's cock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
by gerard way April 18, 2005
the love of my life cuz he is rad/neat-o
i love gerard way and my chemical romance.
by i'm rad/neat-o January 23, 2005
The lead singer of my chemical romance. He is sooooooooo fit. so so so fit. Is there anyone in this world even if they rae chavs that don't think that he is fine???
I want to fuck Gerad Way. Gerad way is so sexy he makes me go grrrrrrrh.
by I love MCR April 29, 2005
a 'singer' who sounds like a whingy fag boy who is having his testicles tied up with fishing line.
For some reason teenaged girls are very attracted to him
mcrgroupie: omg i want to suck ur cock gerard way

me: i hope u do, so he can go to jail for pedophilia and have the rest of his life ruined
by mcr suck February 16, 2007
Lead singer of a mainstream emo band called My Chemical Romance. Famous for not being able to sing for shit live.
"Hey did you see Gerard Ways new hair?"

"Yeah, he looks a dyke"
by Sneezewort March 20, 2007

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