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Gerard Way is the former singer for well known Punk band, My Chemical Romance. Gerard was long time married to wife, LynZ, before divorcing her, and marrying his old guitar player, Frank Iero. Both raising Gerard's daughter Bandit, and Frank's children Miles, Lily, and Cherry, they never lost their Frerard spark from the stage days. They currently live in a mansion in the town of Gaytopia, where they grow Okra, and raise baby Alpacas.

If you're ever looking for Gerard Way, hes the guy holding a jar of pickles, and the hand of a tattooed hobbit.
Girl: Hey is that Gerard Way, the gayest gay?

Man: Hell yes!
by Jecca7 June 09, 2013
Lead Singer of a very talented Band named MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, who seriously needs to STFU.

See also: STEVE, Sirchatsalot, and STFU
"Hi STEVE! Im Usher""Hi Usher Im Gerard Way!"
by Katzy September 12, 2005
gerard way is a very HOT singer from my chemical romance.;) his TALINTED,HOT,CUTE i could take hours for me to say the rest!and i no a whole lot of u love him!!!!i mean u don't have to like him...just DON'T BE LIKE THAT BITCH SABRINA(EMO HATER)!!!!!!!! OR HEATHER! *ahem* sorry for that...well,anyway his 28 years old, perfict aging! (sorry if i miss spell) and we all love him :P
heather & sabrina(emo hater): DUH! i hate gerard way!DUH! i take drugs!
by christon([emo lover]) June 25, 2005
The lead singer and frontman of alternative rock/pop punk band My Chemical Romance. Writer of the comic book The Umbrella Academy. The elder brother of Mikey Way. Thoroughly enjoys blogging about random topics on varying levels of stupidity.
Looked up to and respected by a very large fanbase, including a group that is known as the MCRmy. Attracts a very unfortunate mass of teenyboppers who ruin it for the rest of us by posting over and over on here about how hot, sexy, or fuckable he is.
Is MARRIED to Mindless Self Indulgence bassist, Lyn-z.
Person 1: Did you get the new copy of Dallas yet?
Person 2: No, I just got finished checking Gerard Way's new blog on Frankenberry.

Viva la MCRmy ^_^
by Jessie Lero May 24, 2009
Gerard Way = amazing lead singer for band My Chemical Romance. He was born on April 9, and is 28 years old. He is a bi-sexual. He is also an artist, and almost did a show for Cartoon Network, but was rejected. He is the brother of Mikey Way from My Chemical Romance.
-Gerard Way, should be president
by Lexi Geibel June 06, 2005
Sexy talented singer from My Chemical Romance. Brother of Mikey Way (MCR Bassist. He has recently died his hair blonde an cut it short. He looks way hotter with black hair. My Chem is bing dissed by fans of selling out.
Omg! Gerard Way is so hot and he can sing too! I would sure like to orally fuck him!
by southpark931 September 24, 2006
lead singer of my chemical romance, a great band.
But gerard i think likes the sound of his own voice since he hogs interviews!
interviewer: "how are you guys?"

other members of mcr: "...gre."

Gerard Way:(cuts in) "were great thanks, now lets talk about me and my sexy voice!"

by bluefurrymonster August 05, 2007