Gerard Way is lead singer for the American rock band My Chemical Romance.
It is possible to have 4 opinions of him:
1. He is perfect, super talented, inspirational, the messiah, a hero, a genius, a god to whom we should all bow down and worship;
2. He is an annoying whiny emo douchebag queer you want to beat around the head with an iron bar;
3. He is the hottest guy ever you desperately want to fuck and/or orally pleasure;
4. He is some guy from some band you've vaguely heard of, hence why you are looking him up on Urban Dictionary in the first place.
1. "My Chemical Romance saved my life! Gerard Way is my hero!"
2. "Is murder always wrong?"
3. "Lyk zomg Gerard Way iz lyk so totally shmexiiiii!!!"
4. "Oh he's in a band? I knew I'd heard of him on MTV or something."
by liastd January 14, 2007
hot male.
lead singer of (the best band eva) My Chemical romance
A very talented artist musically and in his abilities to draw
all round rock god!!
rock = my chemical romance = gerard way = hot
by caz-e March 29, 2007
Gerard Arthur Way (born April 9, 1977 in Newark, New Jersey) is frontman, lead vocalist and co-founder of the band My Chemical Romance often abbreviated to MCRor My Chem; he is also elder brother to band's bass player, Mikey Way.

Before Founding the band Gerard Attended an Art School with dreams of being a cartoonist.

Gerard Founded the band shortly after 9/11.
In an interview he said after the attacks "I literally said to myself, ‘Fuck art. I’ve gotta get out of the basement. I’ve gotta see the world. I’ve gotta make a difference!'

Gerard's Younger brother Mikey Way Learned bass pretty much overnight to help Gerard have his band,This meaning He gave up University

Gerard is of Scottish and Italian descent

Over the years Gerard had battled with drug abuse and alcoholism but has conquered this but still enjoys smoking.

Gerard Submitted an idea to Cartoon Network of a show called Breakfast Monkeys but the idea got rejected for being too similar to a pre-existing show.

Gerard writes most of the bands material.

His dark and Slightly disturbing lyrics is what gives this band a Unique Edge

It is rumored that Way wrote most of the tracks on "the black parade" naked in an attic.

Gerard is attractive and this had earned him legions of teenie bopper fans that have heard like two song and think that there MCR's Biggest fans.
The songs are usually their main hits like "welcome to the black parade" and "Famous Last Words"

Most of these people have spammed the internet with things like "Gerard=Orgasm" and other things along those lines. These people are usually 12 year old girls or boys who think they are bi with no life and aren't interested in there music.
Kid 1- OMG did you hear My chemical romances new song.

Kid 2- Yeah but who cares, I'm not interested in there music only in trying to look cool. Coz i have no friends.

Kid 1- Anyway Welcome to the black parade is the best song ever. Gerard Way is teh sex

MCR Fan- I liked their old album better.

Kid 1 and 2- What other album?
by x.lovemeforme.x February 28, 2007
The path of which leads to a disappointing meadow where all hopes and dreams are crushed with a heavy sledgehammer and spit on by an old grumpy dude.
"Dude, take the Gerard Way to Porter Meadow!"
by Tommy69;) October 10, 2014
Gerard Arthur Way is the frontman of the popular hardcore rock band My Chemical Romance who was born in Newark, NJ. He first wanted to become a cartoonist and created a show called "The Breakfast Monkey", but Cartoon Network didn't want it so he finally decided to establish a band and go into music. The band has become very successful and their most famous hits include Helena, Ghost of You, Welcome to the Black Parade, Famous Last Words, and most recently, Teenagers. So far they have made three albums: "I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love", "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge", and "The Black Parade". My Chemical Romance continues to be one of the most successful and prominent bands in the U.S. and have started to make their mark internationally. Gerard Way is also frequently noted as one of the best looking personalities in the rocker world.

Gerard has done other works such as being the creator of the storyline for the comic book, The Umbrella Academy, returning to his first love for comics. During the making of "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge", he broke of with his girlfriend of seven years and declared he would not get married. But that has changed ever since he recently announced he was engaged. Way at first claimed the ring he has been wearing on his finger was a ring of friendship but he finally released the news while at a concert in Germany.
Gerard Way is pretty dang wicked.
by TheCool June 10, 2007
A very talented man who was the singer for My Chemical Romance. He is the older brother of Mikey Way. He often dyes his hair. His first solo album is Hesitant Alien
Gerard Way will be the death of me.
by Attack on My Feels February 09, 2015
Former lead singer of My Chemical Romance , amazingly beautiful voice, has written GAZELLE on his arm, deathly afraid of needles,
Gerard Way likes to wear red stained suits.
by Taylor.Way January 10, 2015

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