A man who wears ponchos, feather boas, tight pants, and does this all with pride. Likes to be called Geezy.
Guy 1 : hey dude, what the hell is Gerard Way wearing?

Guy 2 : I have no idea, but shh! if he hears you, he will sass you bro!

by msifaggotok November 20, 2011
The leader singer of My Chemical Romance, and actually a genuine hero - saves many a year from suicide, and can talk from personal experience. He also wants to be David Bowie and peforms a slightly bisexual act on stage, and MCRs album "The Black Parade" actually sounds like "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars". Seriously though, anyone badmouthing Gerard Way is either a) Sexist and closed minded or b) A stronger vocalist (ok sure, he hasn't got a perfect voice, I've heard better, but just listen to that passion!!)
"Gerard Way is a gay fag with no talent! He can't sing for shit!"

"Shut up. You're wasted all the time, listen to screamo and don't wash"
by a horse 0_o February 07, 2010
A beautiful, talented, smart musician. Frontman for the band My Chemical Romance.
Gerard Way is awesome and always will be.
by mychemftw November 15, 2007
The lead singer of the band My Chemical Romance. He is not handsome, or even a particularely good singer. But he appears to be a reasonably intelligent and open minded person, who writes exciting and unique song lyrics. Formerly an alcoholic, Gerard has now been sober for three years. He is a man who i have a lot of respect for.
"Everybody back the fuck up! I am dead serious, I am not that pretty!" - Gerard Way.
by the man on the moon August 23, 2007
One sexy biatch.

The lead vocals of the emo/punk-rock band My chemical Romance. Brother of Mikey Way (who is also Teh Hotness). Has a wicked fashion sense, wicked hair, wicked voice. THE greatest singer of all time, seriously. He can draw like whack, too.
Gerard Way is one sexy biatch with wicked clothes and wicked hair. I love his red tie black suit combo.

Gerard Way is Teh Hotness.
by kerrythekiwi April 09, 2007
The guy looks better now with blonde hair no doubt, the new album is less depressing, which is good and bad depending on who you are
Gerard way and the black parade album is awesome and i hope it has major success in the uk as well as the us, welcome to the black parade has already bin number 1 for two weeks
by shooby doo October 23, 2006
As all of you know, Gerard is the singer of a band named My Chemical Romance. Some of you like him, \others don`t. Some of you find him hot, others not. Every person has it`s own oppinion, so stop telling each other to shut up. And also, he can be gay and HOT and the same time.
Teen girl: Oh, Gerard Way is so hot!
Some other person: Oh, shut up! He`s gay, how can he be hot?
by Marianna1995 August 01, 2009

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