One of the fittist frontmen around. Has a truly amazing voice, and writes some of the best songs known to man. also has a super gorge bro, Mikey Way
" one gorgeous hunk of goth"
by licorice all sorts July 15, 2005
Words to describe: Amazing, gorgeous, talented, love, incredible, sex, want to touch him
1: Gerard Way is Love
2: Gerard Way is Sex
by MCRtheusedislove May 01, 2005
An AMAZING singer and cartoonist, Gerard Way is the lead singer for the band My Chemical Romance. Born April 9th 1977, and from Bellville, New Jersey. He attended The School of Visual Arts in NYC hoping to become a cartoonist but when his cartoon (The Breakfast Monkey) got turned down he decided to focus more on his musical career. My Chemical Romance was formed in 2001 and their first album(I Brought You my Bullets, You Brought me Your Love)was released the next year. The follow up album (Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge) was released in June 2004.
by GerardLover July 03, 2005
lead singer of an amazingly talented band called my chemical romance. brother of mikey way. his band mates include frank iero(guitar) mikey way(bass) ray toro (guitar) and bob bryar (drums). Gerard is good friends with bert mccracken from the used. Gerard writes all the lyrics from the bands two albums, i brought you my bulletts, you brought me your love(2002, and three cheers for sweet revenge. He was born in from newark n.j.
oh, how wrong we were to think that immortality meant never dying -our lady of sorrows
by bobi June 30, 2005
Gerard Way is the singer for My Chemical Romance, a jolly good band from Jersey whose music rocks yo' face off and then rocks it all the way back on. Judging from interviews, he's also one heck of a swell guy! (anyone who would make a cartoon idea called the Breakfast Monkey is GOOD in my book!) He's also so physically attractive that even I, a LESBIAN, have to say that he is smokin' hot.
If I ever have children, I want Gerard Way to donate the jizz.
by Froof August 02, 2005
Gerard Arthur Way was born on April 9 1977.
He is in a band called My Chemical Romance.
His Brother Mikey Way is also in this band.
He is clean and sober and has been since August 2004.
He is not depressed nor is he homosexual or Bisexual, although people tend to think otherwise because they have witnessed him kissing other men, have seen one of the many pictures on the internet or they have heard a stupid rumor.
Gerard and the rest of MCR do not encourage people to be depressed, to self harm or do anything that they feel they have to do to 'fit in'. In fact they do the complete opposite.
People have now found it cool to hate My chemical romance, which in fact is something that both my chemical romance and their fans laugh at (or at least all the fans should) because as they SHOULD know MCR need something to fight against and hating them will only make them want to stay a band.
Aww, that kid just called me a faggot. Ain't that cute? You know .. I really like you and you're not like all the other boys so .. will you take me to prom and f*ck me in the backseat later? ~ Gerard Way

Dont piss your life away with suicide-it's a bullshit way out ~ Gerard Way

by Miss-Murder November 01, 2006
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