Lead singer of a mainstream emo band called My Chemical Romance. Famous for not being able to sing for shit live.
"Hey did you see Gerard Ways new hair?"

"Yeah, he looks a dyke"
by Sneezewort March 20, 2007
Lead singer of MCR!Amazing vocalist and songwriter n hes also HOT!!!Unique and oh so talented....i love him <3 x
Gerard Way is God <3<3<3<3<3
by Maria April 21, 2005
The lead singer of My Chemical Romance. He has an obscene number of fangirls who apparently think he's the sexiest thing on the planet, and they fail to realize the fact that he looks like a pasty-faced corpse and is incredibly ugly. He doesn't sing, he screams like he's being strangled.
Fangirl: AAAAAAHHHHH!!!! Gerard Way is SO friggen sexy!!!!!111 I wanna have his babies!!!!!!!!111

Me: Shut up! Idiot...
by the-anomaly July 05, 2006
Gerard Way was born in Newark, New Jersey, and is the lead singer of the band My Chemical Romance. He tried to sell an animated TV series to Cartoon network called Breakfast Monkey, but was unsuccessful. He was raised in Belleville, New Jersey, and living there you couldn't really go outside to play. Way made up imaginary worlds in his head, this led onto his love for artwork. He is the older brother of bassist, again for the band My Chemical Romance, Mikey Way.
First of all, this is a dictionary. People come and look into a dictionary to find the definition of the word, not your opinion, whether it be of Gerard Way or cheese, for that matter.
by wolfcrazy June 24, 2006
Gerard Way is the lead singer of My Chemical Romance. So, okay - he's pretty good lookin an all, but if you spend all your time wishing that u could fuck him then you REALLY need to get a life! I mean come on! He's 28, and he has a girlfriend! Their music is the best and that's enough.
Anyway He has got better things to do than read a load of random people, that are LITERALLY HALF HIS AGE, wanna fuck him!
Gerard Way has bettter things to do than read these notes. I wish I could meet him an everything, but thats never gonna happen so I move on!
by Rose - or Sasha November 11, 2006
Lead singer of the New Jersey rock band My Chemical Romance, also a talented artist, brother of Mikey Way.
He's also very attractive.
I would.
How wrong we were to think that immortality meant never dying. - Gerard Way
by liastd August 28, 2006
queerbait piece of shit who steals off of other artists' ideas. Most notebly, Marilyn Manson. Don't believe me? There's an article about it Spin mag.
Gerard Way and his merry band of cock sucking pieces of shit couldn't make decent music or be original if their lives depended on it.
by Senator Assface September 01, 2006
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