Lead singer and main song writer of New Jersey band My Chemical Romance,one of the very few bands like by the mainstream who do whatever THEY want.Jumps around like a sex-crazed monkey on prozac while on stage and is very kind to his fans. Often called "Hot oh em gee!" by teeny boppers who are very,very mad that he cut his hair. They're out for blood,I tells ya!
Gerard enjoys horror movies,comic books (he had his own line coming out soon,called the Halloween Academy,I think)and has has an obbsesion with death from a young age.
His voice ranges from beautiful to the scream of a mental patient. Adored by tens of thousands of teenagers worldwide,for showing them it's OK to be fucked up.Despite popular belief,not all MCR fans have a desire to have his babies,though I wouldn't complain.
"This shit is easy peasy pumpkin peasy...pumpkin pie motherfucker!"

"Okay, I am going to make this to the point. I AM a homosexual, But I'm really comfortable for who I am. I will be who I want to be. So please don't care about my sexual orientation, care about my music. If you think it's wrong to be a homosexual, then you're actually sorely mistaken. So please, just show your pride. "
Note: That one above,it's probably sacrcasm...o_0!

"Just 'cause you're bigger than me, just 'cause you're smarter than me, just 'cause you drive a better car than me, does not mean, no way no how, that I'm sucking you off. For any amount of money."
Gerard Way
by bandanasarerad September 07, 2006
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Amazingly talented singer and frontman of My Chemical Romance, beautiful voice. Puts on one hell of a live show. Often wears red stained suits when performing. Brother of Mikey Way.
Gerard Way was so on the ball tonight!
by Allie July 19, 2004
The lead singer and co-finder of a very talented band, My Chemical Romance. He is Very talented cause he not only sings, but is an amazing cartoon artist. With his poetic lyrics and kick ass vocals...he rocks! Though it would not be My Chemical Romance without the rest of the band.He is VERY talented and just happens to be very good looking too.
Gerard Way is soo talented and derserves the fame he has.
by Tammy April 29, 2005
The sexy, sexy, sexy frontman of an amazing band from New Jersey that will friggin blow your mind. They hate to be labelled but for those out there that do, their a mix of emo and punk. Very, very hot in every motherfuking way. I can't say from personal experience that he and the rest of his band gives great hugs...but I'm pretty damn sure that they do. For those that own any inch of good taste in their body will have to check them out.
any man thats make vampires, horror flics and comic books sexy is a cool thing
by Cadance October 11, 2004
The singer for My Chemical Romance
It's Gerard not Gerald you asshole
by Maims March 27, 2005
He is a God. Frontman of the exceptional My Chemical Romance. He has the voice of an angel. Black hair that would shame the midnight sky and beautiful eyes that you could fall into, lips so tender you would want to vanish inside his kiss. Like a pill of sweetness, once you taste him you're addicted
I miss you, I miss you, so far.
And the collision of your kiss that made it so hard.
by stainedblackrose December 26, 2004
SEXIEST BITCH YOUR MOM WILL EVER MEET. HE OWNS YOU... HE ALSO CAN SING AND YEAH / Gerard Way is the sexiest thing since sliced bread.His voice is better than that of a thousand angels and if you are not careful his voice(in all its sexiness)will cause you to become very horny.LOVE HIM and his skeleton footi pajamas..and eye make-up yeah
"Look at me with my pretty bracelet and tiara...I'm a fucking princess!~Gerard the awesome artist
by TooshyWhooshy April 23, 2005
A really talented, good looking, sexy, seductive, beautiful, friendly, successful, loveable and so much more. Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to meet him, but if he ever read this he would probably think I'm insane or something....but there really is much more to him than just image... he has an awesome voice and when you sing MCR's lyrics...it has to mean something to you, even if its different to what it means to them...
He gives new meaning to the phrase 'Tall, Dark and Handsome.'
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