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A term used in Geocaching which refers to a geocacher making a trail where there isn't, or shouldn't be one. This action is frowned upon by the majority of the Geocaching community. Geotrails are usually the result of a poorly thought-out hide location for a cache.
In rare circumstances geotrails are useful, such as in a park that isn't able to maintain the trails due to budget cuts. In this case, a geotrail can be helpful.
"That cache was impossible to find."
"Yeah, did you see those geotrails?"
by MaplessInSeattle November 20, 2007

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Wack. As. Fuck.
A 'rapper' from Wales, UK.
A: 'Hey, do you know any wack rappers?'
B: 'Yeah...Geotrail'
by funkyarizonafreek April 13, 2005