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Noun. A person who is incapable of figuring out how to get from point A to B without instructions like "turn at the pretty blue house". A person who does not know which direction is North. A person who points in the wrong direction when they are talking about a place. Combination of "geography" and "retard". A person, who when you tell them something is on the "Southeast corner", they respond with "english please". A person who thinks you are a genius because you know highway directions because of their number.
David is such a geotard, he lives in Florida, but refers to everything in the rest of the US as "down there".

If I have to tell her how to get there one more time, I'm going to kick her in her geotard ass!
by Joseph King June 29, 2006
A Geotard is someone who is severely geographically challenged.
"Dude, I just got back from vacation in was fucking dope!"

"How'd you get back so fast? Isn't Colorado by Vermont?"

"Dude, you're a fucking Geotard!"
by Ms. dj KinetiK May 27, 2007
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