Georgina (Population 42,346) is a town in south-central Ontario,Canada, eh?
"I'm heading into Georgina, EH?"
by gcmylovey May 20, 2009
Noun; The female equivalent of Georgie.
That boy gave my GEORGINA the bestest playte I’ve ever had!
by Harry Olley September 05, 2009
A Chicken farmer in the reigon of Grimsby ontario who is a slut, likes DC and scares little children away.
Watch The Georgina scare children away.
by Muahahahad April 19, 2009
a girl who has rats/mice in her room
"theres a rat", -she must be a georgina
by wahwahwahslksdjflja February 19, 2009
A person who steals other people's boyfriends, including their friends'.
'Oh my God! She stole my boyfriend!'
'Ugh she's such a Georgina.'
by 8925f July 30, 2009
a bloody fookin' funny fuckaaaaaaar whom will get killed if she shows her garter to anyone other than her wifeeeeee for lifeeeeeeee.
"she's such a georgina."
"yeahh,everythings going down south"
"check out her hannahs!"
by JELLYBEAAN! January 28, 2008

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