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famous punk vegan rockstar drummer who played on stage with the likes of sid vicious, sex pistols, black flag and other punk bands. She also had a huge influence on the song "this is the first night" by anti flag after the band confessed in an interview after the album was released
died in 1985 after a drug overdose on an overnight flight to australia. she smuggled heroin and cocaine on board.
went into a crazy like mode trying to kill serveral people and eventually falling to the ground. after landing in new zealand because of it she was decleared dead at approximately 1am.

Her legend still lives on today with similar deaths on aeroplaces. see 9/11.

not much is known about her earlier life but she did grow up in canada and then moved from their to new york from where she got into the punk scene. sometimes went by the name GVegan.
"Hey did you see georgia gunn-solomon last night on stage with sid?!"
"no i didnt, the gig was full"
"you missed out!!"
"get fucked"
by This is the first night February 22, 2010
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