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Undergrad - A good school in Northern Virginia. While it does not have old tradition (it was established in the 20th century) it is becoming more prominent on the college scope as it is becoming more selective admissions wise, and as its academic programs are headed by top professors.
Law school - One of the top law schools in the nation; headed by top professors. Very selective (george mason undergrads have more difficulty getting in than other applicants)
-I'm going to George Mason.
-That's a good school.
-I'm going to George Mason Law.
-That's amazing!
by Mason55 April 22, 2006
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The Largest school in the Commonwealth of Virginia that is also the most diverse college in the United States.
I'm white and I feel like an outcast when going to class at George Mason.
by Richard Brockman April 16, 2006
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