A brown paper bag given for liquor/beer bottles/cans after buying liquor at a liquor store and desiring to conceal it.
Hey man, you want a George Clooney for that Jack Daniels?
by alabamaman February 05, 2007
Great actor who was in to many movies to name, but my favorite was From Dusk Till Dawn, look it under you tube search: Dusk Till Dawn Gag reel.
Ha Ha Ha!!! George Clooney cant remember his lines!!! OHH!!! he Said Fuck!!!!
by PussyMinister6000 February 02, 2008
Altho his hottness may be declining he will always remain the hottest doc on tele in the world eva!!!!!!!!
George i think i need a check up baby!!!!!
by fred durst November 10, 2003
an actor that used to be super super super super hot, but since he left ER to make movies his hotness is declining rapidly
George Clooney played pediatrician Doug Ross on the hit TV show, ER.
by ZOE August 05, 2003
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