The worst Batman in history,only selected for the role because his huge chin fits the suit.
Man : batman and robin] sucks!.
Friend : thats because they took george clooney for the role.
by eldarman January 07, 2005
American actor whose picture is used exclusively to plooney.
I need a new picture of George Clooney to plooney with.
by Dr. Mung March 27, 2004
Another name for the frenulum- the sensitive piece of skin attaching the foreskin to the penis.
Man, after all that sex, my George Clooney is in a world of pain.
by Chris LeM January 04, 2011
The art of turning loose meat sandwiches into millions.

To dye ones hair like a silver back gorilla to snag middle aged women for sexual favours.
George Clooney = go rilla
by whodatwhodere? December 12, 2007
A brown paper bag given for liquor/beer bottles/cans after buying liquor at a liquor store and desiring to conceal it.
Hey man, you want a George Clooney for that Jack Daniels?
by alabamaman February 05, 2007
Smug actor who is WAY past his prime. His only mission in life is to bang chicks and to make movies that no one will want to see.
Man, George Clooney is smug.
by Tater_Salad January 24, 2007
The celebrity who appeared in over 8000 General Assesment Tasks in the state of Victoria, Australia, it has been one of his single greatest plans ever
George Clooney has appeared in over 8000 GAT's this year as a part of some kind of prank
by Clooney George June 11, 2009
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