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The missing evolutionary link, as seen on royal canadian air farce. Was bashed over the head by a caveman with a club
The missing evolutionary link
by chrisguy February 01, 2005
64 197
Most probably a derrivative of the word bush relating to pussy, twat etc.
1) Theres only one Bush everyone likes... and it aint George
by Dave - Zackson 3 November 04, 2004
139 272
An experiment in artificial stupidity
Fool me once shame on, shame on you
Fool me twice you can't get fooled again.
by Michael October 07, 2004
95 228
Are fuck retarted president.An ugly ass
motherfucka thats the dumbest president ever.The bitch that had
us at war.Bush was the cause of the twin towers because nobody like that
ugly mothafucka.
1.Bush can kiss my ass.
2.Damn that nigga bout as dumb as Bush
by SeXyMaMi July 19, 2004
63 196
the human version of brain off pinky and the brain
what are we doing this weekend bush?
by janae March 31, 2004
131 264
a monkey.
george bush is a monkey
by fookinusername November 15, 2006
53 187
a monkey looking republican who republicans dont claim.

the biggest joke on planet earth.

dumb, illeterate, and cowardly.

a monkey.

the lowest form of a redneck.

the person who dumbasses from my state(texas) voted for just becuase he was from Texas.

the Worst president in history.

Idiot who chokes on pretzels.

a monkey.

has 2 hot daughters.

a terrorist according to other nations.

the only American President to have an assanation documentry and not be assinated.

a fool.

did i metion he looks like a monkey?

has a gay brother
George bush: whooo...whoo..haaa.haaaa.

Jeb Bush: i like men.
by redcat October 24, 2006
26 160