A monkey, 3 presidents, a line of monarchs, an extinct tortiose, and a jungle man
George is one of the more recognizable names.
by gbl4turtles February 10, 2015
A life without George is a life without sun. He brightens up a rainy day! Although he may not always realise, he is amazing and perfect, with his big eyes and his amazing smile. I wish everyday was spent with George.
Girl: oooh hello George!!
George's girlfriend: bitch please, he's mine.
by Love64 June 11, 2013
a cute british boy who sometimes irritates my soul but still is my lover boy
that's so george
by MacythePrincess April 05, 2015
A guy who can be really sweet and other times a TOTAL JERK! You will either love him or hate him. There's no other option. George loves to mess with people. Especially when he's with his friends. Girls have different opinions about him. There are girls who want to kiss him and girls who want to kill him.
There goes George😍

There goes George😷
by Muhammad#1 January 11, 2014
is amazing and awesome and will always care for a girl no matter who they are.
george- ur amazing babe
by purple dragon November 28, 2012
noun; A man or manlet born with an embarrassing name and maintains a character that is described as a condescending prick by those close to him. However, he is a person that just manages to piss everyone off and still questions why everyone hates him.

He likes his own photos and is constantly slaughtered online because of his pretentious attitude behind a keyboard.
"I wasn't invited to that party..." "Oh stop being a George."
"A geroge is a guy who thinks he's fly but is also known as a buster, always talking about what he wants but just sits on his broke ass."
by EnMasse January 29, 2015
A dickhead with a gay haircut, cocky walk and arrogant laugh who thinks he is popular and cool, but is really a hated, dumb piece of shit.
Guy #1: Hey man look at the new guy.
Guy #2: He's such a fucking George.
Guy #1: Fuck. Let's beat the shit out of him
by sonsofanarchy March 09, 2015

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