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A gay male with an abnormally tiny penis.
Why is his penis so small
Because it's George
by bobthebarbarian June 13, 2014
Depending on where you live, The George in which this definition is described can be very hard to find. George is that type of guy who will sacrifice his own happiness to make you happy. If he cares enough about you, there is pretty much nothing he won't do that you ask him. Because of the fact that George is so nice and generous, he tends to get the short end of the stick more often than usual (in descisions, in love, in life, etc.). This is because that is just the curse that kinda comes with being the typical nice guy. George doesn't always have the most to offer but he will give anything within his power to care and protect the people he loves. George is that hero that doesn't get enough credit. Personality wise, George is very humorous and goofy which makes him easily approachable and easy to befriend. No matter how much George tries to win the heart of someone he loves, it more often ends unsuccessfully because a lot of girls these days are too damn picky. George is that guy that girls will turn down but end up regretting it in the future. George is that guy that will end up at the top of the food chain when everyone else ceases to keep up because they peeked too soon coming out of high school. George is ultimately the guy that people wish they should have kept there eyes on more.
"George always picks up where we left off and does it better"

"I should have gave George a chance"
by FSNashV January 20, 2014
A life without George is a life without sun. He brightens up a rainy day! Although he may not always realise, he is amazing and perfect, with his big eyes and his amazing smile. I wish everyday was spent with George.
Girl: oooh hello George!!
George's girlfriend: bitch please, he's mine.
by Love64 June 11, 2013
A perfect boy who when you see him he takes your breath away. His blue eyes and dazzling smile will mesmerise you and make you wonder if you were ever truly in love with anyone before you saw him. He is extremely kind and has hellish good looks and if you know a George consider yourself lucky. Some George's may BMX and be extremely tall. None the less gorgeous. He also has a lovely bum and looks great in casual clothes. He likes to drink beer and loves his music. Many girls like George and even go to huge lengths to talk to him.
Girl 1: Oh my god is that George? I think that's George.'

Girl 2: I am in actual heaven.
by YourLoveIsBetterThanCocaine March 18, 2013
A bad-ass mutha fucker who has a huge penis and is usually a German
Person 1: Whoa do you reckon that guy is a George.

Person 2; Nah he told me he was Austrian.
by OxfordDictionaryOfficial November 14, 2013
A George is someone who can be a pedo bitch sometimes and creep his friends out. He also can be very funny and kind when he feels like it. Sometimes he can be a dick but we all know he doesn't mean to so we forgive him. George is very caring and wouldn't do anything to hurt others feelings. He's a great friend. And really cares for girls ;)
He stares at people. I think he's a George
by Emmyjward November 05, 2013
1. (noun) an asian male who is attempting to do an activity outside of his comfort zone that he also happens to be horrible at.

2. (noun) an asian male that is generally disliked by all

3. (noun) an asian male who ruins everyone else's fun
1. There was this George on the bike ride today and we had to go really slowly the whole time so he could keep up.

2. There's this kid in my class who always says the most annoying and pointless stuff, what a George.

3. We were all playing xbox last night when this fucking George came in and smashed the TV.
by marcoose the caboose October 01, 2011