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a haircut in which the front is bald, and the back is an a circus clown, or george jefferson
this cat used to have the banging waves..then his hair started to fall out in the front..he never let go, now he rockin the george jefferson!!!!
by werdperfek January 03, 2009
1) A true nigga.
2) Innovator of the word "honky"
1) I feel like George Jefferson.
2) "Weezy, you actin' like one of them honkies!"
-George Jefferson
by stepyagameup August 23, 2006
The act of urinating on your sexual partner, starting at the crotch and "movin' on up" to the face
I gave my old lady the George Jefferson last night, and she loved every second of it!
by biggshow October 22, 2006
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