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moronic and childish man whom uses terrorism as an excuse to cut benefits and make us all pay for taxes later on in life. Risked thousands of lives over in IRAQ for non-nuclear weapons that were supposedly in Iraq. Should he win the fall election, he would put us all in financial and military danger. His word is law for now, but he's misleading many people into his path.
GWB JR: "Fighting freedom, spreading terror...opps..I mean-I mean, errr John Kerry is a dork! he is too tall to run for presidency! Yeah! I win cuz I fight terror and spread freedom in the bathroom with my maids!"
People of America: "Wtf? Dude, I lost my job the moment you became president, I was a middle-class man, now I'm below lower-class that I'm giving blows to the hobo's next to my cart for pennies and nickels just to get by!"
by DeathByObesity October 22, 2004
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The biggest bitch to hit the white house
Oh no, Bush has been re-elected
by Keiosu September 16, 2004

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