Jordy - like Scousers only less funny, and more criminally inclined. Generally overweight (fat) or ridiculously skinny - high prevalence of 'taches. Universally disliked and ridiculed.

Their native habitat being run down estates, or preferably, other peoples houses (if the window is open).
Toon Army, Toon Army - ad-infinitum.... ad-nauseum
by itstrueman January 28, 2004
euphamism of dick, knob, wanker, faggot, asshole
god damn fucking geordies
by synen March 01, 2005
An obese Maccam who is overly cocky for his way below par aesthetic appearance and masturbates in excess of ten times per day.
You are as fat as Geordie
by Algernon St. Querible October 22, 2003
undoubtedly the best possible type of english person there is
as far as i'm aware only mackems hate geordies even cockneys like us really
by belomancy October 02, 2003
The accent of a person from Newcastle, England. Most people find the geordie accent sounds friendly, usually are nice people.
Ant and Dec are famous geordies.
by rachellz January 03, 2005
A different spelling of Jordy. Possibly the best way to spell the name, but definantly not as cool as the REAL Geordies. I'm sure as hell moving there.
Teach: Do you go by Jordan?
Me: Nope. Jordy.
Teach: How do you spell that?
Me: J-O-R-D-Y.
Teach: (slam pencil!!) How do you really spell it??
Me: (confused) Um.. G-E-O-R-D-I-E?
Teach: That's better...
by Jord---- Mike March 14, 2005
A Geordie, a person that lives up north + has the best accent around personally! Dont get on with Sunderland + Middlesborough!
Southern person 1: Do you like chocolate?
Southern person 2: Yes.
Geordie: Way aye man!
by Southern Geordie August 25, 2005
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