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a dumb cunt that wishes he could ride a bike well, too bad his brother is a dropkick, bong smoking, get-in-trouble-with-the-cops, what a fucking wanker, geordie is a retard and goes to a moonya school but pretends that he is normal and cracks his shit when somebody says anything about his family, he has no friends and sleeps with a teddy bear but he can be good when it comes to giving out smokes allthough he usually smokes most of it before he gives it to you.....he wants to know why his friends call him drowsy, obviously its because he looks half asleep/stoned. he claims he has had many girlfriends but actually he has had none but he fucked courtney esperons mum and he wanks to gay porn and cums om his dogs face
oh my god, look at that kid falling asleep on that chair over there.... hes such a geordie clynch
by why would i show my name!!!!!! March 08, 2013
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