an accidental collaboration of geodude, the most annoying cave pokemon, and fredfredburger. a queer who hates little kids and loves feet, who wishes they were an oscar meyer weiner. who has a contagious laugh that has been recorded countless times on their pimp, angelas phone. who gets mad when gay stuff is put on their myspace. who is kind of a hypocrite and doesnt pay attention to half of the things it says and ends up contradicting itself without notice. geofreds want to be chefs when they grow up and that is one of the reasons why they are closely related to chowder. geofreds always say random stuff and think that they can beat angelas in guitar hero but deep down inside, he knows that PICHUS AND PIKACHUS PWWWNNN HIM IN EVEERYYYTHING!!! they think "itz all about tha benjaminzzz" but angelas think he needs a better face. Bwahah. He loves gay CORN with a capital P. they like to eat at subway and gets mad when angelas wouldnt wanna go to the mall with him and people. Hes got a pimp named Angela, a HOLE*WithAJapaneseAccent* named Raeveen, and a hoochiemama named Aileen. Hes a pokemon master in his mind. But really, he sucks chode. Hes just challenged. He wishes his name was Stacy or Rashida. He wants to meet Flavor Flav, cuhs he knows what time it is. He loves PUHLUMS. He doesnt wanna say it again. He says he has vocals, but he wont prove it. CUHS HE CANT. He dreams of being a geisha. he loves lamps with naked women on them. His bed has a hole in it for his little, LITTLE, tiny buddy. His buddy is named bob. He wishes to be Miss Rap Supreme. He gets his HERR DID at Shaniqua Rashida Laquita Tania Reina Khia Jones's Herr Salon ForSexyBiatches. But he always gets kicked out for his bowl cut. He wants to go to the bathroom and use the TOILLET. He wants a pupppyy. But no puppy wants him. He loves to bake cakes and buy flowaas for his MOMMA. He needs to be more CIVALAZED. And he went through alot of Pooop cuhs he was raised in the German Hood.He showers at midnight in the middle of conversations over the phone. He wants to win a swimsuit competition, but judges never choose a winner, cuhs when they see him, they DIE. He buys his thongs at thrift stores. His brother Geoffrey is his first wife. But they were divorced because of irreconcilable differences. One, that they wore different socks. He went through menopause, but somehow got pregnant again by RICHARD. He wishes he can get some. And if you read this whole thing, You either have no life, too much time on your iccky hands, or YOURE A GEO. Which is worse than anything ever.
Pikachu: Pichu, lets go before he sees us.
Pichu: (scurries away)
by PAAAAYCHU May 25, 2008
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