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A person who is obsessed with bikes and/or BMXs. They are the type of person who 'personify' their own bikes, referring to them as actual human beings. A "Geo" person is likely to be more infactuated with their dedicated hobby that you may find you are talking to a brick wall. You must approach a "Geo" person by addressing all your conversations with a BMX related topic.
long pause
"Oh, hi sorry I was just oiling my chain."
another long pause
"I'm going bmxing. See ya"
"You're being SUCH a geo!"
by VerrucaSalt March 21, 2009
4 8
See awesome, cool, win, sweet, Fo Shizzle, Wicked, Sick, or any of their respective synonyms.
"That pro-perestroika T-shirt is so Geo, man!"
by Katt K. November 08, 2006
28 37
to grab the male by his ankles hold him vertically and repeatedly shove your tounge in and around their Ass until your mouth turns brown
dude i got the best Geo ever DUDE
by PewPewKaPlow January 18, 2009
4 16
anything really cool. use as an adjective like in place of "cool" or "awesome" or other things like that.
Katie Rodman is really geo!


Dude! Look at Evan Corey Tucker wearing that GEO jacket!!
by ktevan November 10, 2006
26 38
Some sexeh ignored guy. Also see gohi
Is that a Geo? Oh, never noticed him before. Sure is sexy though. ;)
by Yu Yu June 27, 2004
19 32
GEO is the name of a cutting-edge ring design that was first introduced by London jewellery designer Stephen Einhorn in 2001. The GEO ring is either a round or square shaped ring that features a central strip of wood or precious metal sandwiched between two outer slabs of contrasting metals including titanium, silver, gold or platinum. Each section of the ring is held together by a series of metal rivets or pins that are driven through the sides of the ring and feature as a decorative detail.
Christian Slater wears a GEO ring
by Sunny London October 08, 2007
3 17
Refers to the prefix in Geography. Meaning cool, awesome, or great.
AP Human Geography is Geo
by V. Picone November 18, 2006
23 41