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Usually young white beta-males who live on Reddit or 4Chan. They wear fedoras with t-shirts. They open doors for women ("m'lady") or do other nice things not because they're polite people, but because they want to get laid.

Also related: talking about getting friend-zoned, loving V for Vendetta, libertarian politics, thinking they're the smartest person in the chatroom, basement dwelling, etc.
The gentlesir tipped his hat to m'lady and opened the door for her. She was just a random bystander and walked in without acknowledging him. He muttered to himself about how rude women were these days before checking the Reddit thread about anarchism.
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by ungentlesir January 08, 2016
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1. "Gentleman," but with a pompous or sarcastic connotation.

2. Someone who tries too hard/awkwardly to be a gentleman or be noble, thus inspiring mockery and derision.
That's a bowtie of a fine gentlesir right there!

Few specimens in life are as cringeworthy as the self-righteous, neckbearded, fedora-wearing gentlesirs of reddit.

You address women by "M'Lady"? Mighty gentlesir of you!
by SomewhereElse November 16, 2015
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