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1. Jewish term for someone who is not a Jew
2. Mormon term for someone who is not a Mormon.
Utah is the only place in the USA where Jews are considered gentiles.
by Rattus cattus November 16, 2006
1) A person who is not Jewish

2) Someone with very little money i.e. poor.

3) Anyone who makes less than six figures a year.

4) A non-shapeshifter
-That guy can't even afford food!
-Figures, he is a gentile
by aktsepr March 26, 2010
in English literature: use of the term to describe a common person who distinguishes themselves by going through the day without causing problems to those they interacted with publicly.
Joseph was proud of his Gentile nature, and carried himself in a manner that of a Nobleman even though his roots were clearly that of a peasant.
by Jackwagon March 05, 2012
a term used by WASP intellectuals to denote non Jewish and non-Muslim monotheists, especially other Protestants.
The modern Western media IMHO doesn't seem to know that the word goy has 2 meanings, depending on who uses it and where: 1) when a Jew uses the term to speak to non-Jews, especially an educated WASP, he uses the term as a synonym for gentile. 2) when the term goy is used among and between Jews it often denotes a non-monotheist, i.e. an idol-worshiper.
by sexydimma December 07, 2013
Someone who is deeply unsatisfied with themselves and seeks to rectify this by being a predator towards all kinds of women.
Female 1: " Man, that guy was a total gentile towards me"
Female 2: "Yeah he looks like a total gentile"
by Ramraider July 18, 2010
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