The Act of George Bush sending thousands of american men and women to die fighting a useless "war on terrorism" -aka- settling George Bush's personal matters.
Caught between my culture and the system....genocide!
by AnnaMarie July 08, 2005
The Killing Of One Specfic Race, Culture, or Nationality
Hitla Killing The Jews
by Josh February 27, 2004
Fun, when used in conjunction with any of the following:

Any female anywhere that claims that "all guys are jerks"
People with a low Intelligence Quotent
Me: Hey man, I just spent Wednesday commiting Genocide all over those damn goths.

This Guy: The world is a better place.
by Marge hater December 18, 2005
A difficult but fun-filled activity high school kids engage in on weekends.
Mass genocide is the most exhausting activity one can engage in . . . next to soccer.
by Mike G April 08, 2005
The act performed by George W. Bush for his own monetary gain and political standing.
1. v. George enacted genocide on the wrong race today, but it suited his bank account.

2. n. Geroge loves genocide.

3. adj. Geroge is a genocidal meglomaniac.

4. adv.
by Seymour Butts November 26, 2004
"Race murder"
What Hitler did to the Jews was an act of genocide.
Any attemtp to totaly kill off all members of a specific race or culture or nationality or ethnic background.
by Kevin August 18, 2003
the process of baking thousands of jews
Hitler genocided many jews to a golden brown
by Nikki syxx October 25, 2008

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