The pampered children of the Baby Boom who have never done without. They are now coming of age in the workforce, born between 1980 and 2000, and their well-heeled parents will ensure their promotion into jobs ahead of older, lackluster Generation X candidates.
Montessori graduates
by KAL May 06, 2004
Top Definition
Todays teenagers. Growing up with too much information being pushed upon them, usually about DEATH and THE WORLD ENDING. Thus making them constantly ask "WHY?" as their addiction to information becomes stronger.
"hey generation y, there's just in.. YOU ARE ALL going to DIE in a terrorist attack!"

"when I grow up I want to be a researcher in nuclear physics or find a cure for cancer"


"well this planet's fucked lets see if we can find another one to live on"

"studies show that being healthy ISN'T REALLY AS HEALTHY AS YOU THINK!"
by chris penney November 07, 2005
Generation Y (born between 1980-1994) are also called the Echo-boom generation because their parents are Boomers. This is the last generation to remember the 20th century and the time before the fully digital age. Some grew up with no internet, others remember when dial-up was the big thing, before HDTV, before cell phones were commonplace, when CD players were a must have, when basic cable was luxury and when you went to the video store to rent a VHS and remember the days of Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. The cutoff for Generation Z is not 9/11 as earlier thought, it is the mid 1990s, normally 1994. The last of Generation Y is in high school and no, they do not like Hannah Montana, that is Generation Z. While some of Generation Y is certainly over obsessed with social networking and is very narcissistic, it is still the last generation to remember the pre-Youtube/Facebook/Myspace era and to have connection to the 20th century. Early Yers remember the Cold War, good MTV and all Yers remember when kids TV meant something. Their icons include Michael Jordan, Will Smith and our pin-up girl was Pamela Anderson during the Baywatch days.
When were you born? 1991...ahh, you're Generation Y; remember Sonic for Sega Genesis

That and Super Mario World!

What about you?


You're Generation Z. Do you remember when Yahoo was the #1 search engine?

"Yahoo? It's Google...and why would anyone like CD's?"
by samtskins August 15, 2009
Educated dishwashers.
Parents told them to educate theirselves.

Employers told them to go f*** theirselves.

Now that's what Generation Y is about!
by Max_Max85 December 30, 2010
Today's crop of children and teenagers, born between 1982-2003. Children of the Baby Boomers (born from 1943-1960) and coming right after Gen X (those born from 1961-1981).
The Generation Y crowd will be running the country 25 years from now.
by M. Wiesner Jr. May 29, 2004
The population of those following Generation X, born roughly between 1978 and 1995, and for the longest time not carrying much cultural distinction from the already identity lacking generation proceeding it. As of more recently, things like 9/11, the war on terror and perhaps the explosion of the world wide web will come to be associated with this still developing generation.
Generation Y will likely be remembered as the cyber generation.
by ringgoddess October 09, 2005
children of boomers born from about generation from about 1977 to age old enough to remember 9/11.

gen y began with corporate watered down versions of gen x music (hip-hop and heavy metal,) after the shit load of that swedish music and boy band phase of the early gen y kids. For this many gen y kids have turned to their parents old albums from the 60's and 70's.

pampered by our boomer parents to do good and go far in life sociologists predict a backlash.

gen y has been said to be a clone of gen x, but there are notable differences.

gen y rewrites the rules and works around authority rather than go against it like gen x. This will lead us to get higher in corporations and better paying jobs that gen x was forced to do. Also gen y knows the impact of money.

early failures are that of SUV's fuck those gas guzzlers that kill the air. Hummers and are for ass holes.

blah blah blah we grow up and die
then fertilize the world
we were raised by grand theft auto!
by grandeur July 15, 2005
The generation of people coming after the slacker and media influenced generation x. A generation known for superficiality, egos, mixture of urban and suburban cultures, school shootings, import cars, multi racial-ethnic-religious-national mix of people in society, spiritual seeking and searching, and the generation changed by 9/11 and who will be the generation that will change the world.
Jose Tyrone O*Neil served in the U.S Marines fighting World War III, he was born in Brooklyn, NY but raised in Los Angeles, CA, is black, Irish, Puerto Rican, and Chinese. He listens to punk, new school rap, metal, and techno. He drives a 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse but was jacked off it because of the out of control nature of schools in America. He is a practicing Taoist.
by Ezekiel March 26, 2005
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