some random guy mentioned on family guy who no one knows about but laughs at anyway
like that one time i met gene shallot
by thisguy May 07, 2006
Top Definition
NBC's Today Show movie reviewer. Known for his unique movie reviews and unruly mustache. Gene is frequently mentioned and ridiculed on the show "Family guy".
Peter- 'I can't help it, I haven't been this scared since I was mugged by Gene Shallot'
Gene - 'Don't Panic Room, I'm not going to William Hurt you. I only want your Tango & Cash.'
by Kela the Gypsy July 17, 2006
Noun - 1) A pathetic excuse for a celebrity

2) Decent cannon fodder for celebrity jokes

3) Any white person with an Afro

Verb - See Shalloting
Guy 1: that dude is totally Gene Shallot! Guy 2: Yeah man, look at his afro!
by Stan the Let'sPlay Man December 11, 2010
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