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NBC's Today Show movie reviewer. Known for his unique movie reviews and unruly mustache. Gene is frequently mentioned and ridiculed on the show "Family guy".
Peter- 'I can't help it, I haven't been this scared since I was mugged by Gene Shallot'
Gene - 'Don't Panic Room, I'm not going to William Hurt you. I only want your Tango & Cash.'
by Kela the Gypsy July 17, 2006
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some random guy mentioned on family guy who no one knows about but laughs at anyway
like that one time i met gene shallot
by thisguy May 07, 2006
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Noun - 1) A pathetic excuse for a celebrity

2) Decent cannon fodder for celebrity jokes

3) Any white person with an Afro

Verb - See Shalloting
Guy 1: that dude is totally Gene Shallot! Guy 2: Yeah man, look at his afro!
by Stan the Let'sPlay Man December 11, 2010
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