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a very cute guy who always wear muscle shirts down to your waist, shaves his armpits and listens to pop music all day long.
dont act like a genaro bro. dont pressure yourself!
#weird #awkward #show-off #shave #cute
by ABC797 September 23, 2011
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A cute guy who's always confused and loves to get drunk. He usually likes girls who's names start with an N. He doesn't do much even though he's pretty old..but we can't ask much from him. Don't worry, he'll eventually get a job.
"Ughhh, i don't like when you act like a Genaro, can you straighten up?!"
#confused #drunk #cute #weird #lazy #jobless
by BlackSizzas March 17, 2009
A cool kid that never takes shit from anyone and get all the hoes.Likes to wear muscle shirt and loves air jordans and weed and rap music .
me another example his people and his bad ass air jordan and badass rap music.if u want to be like GENARO follow this ok and u will get all the hoes.OK!
#awesome #sexy #high #muscle #straight #gangsta #not stuck up
by pot$head$713$OG$ December 29, 2011
Warrior, Stud, Sexy guy, Fighter, Soldier , God like being , Ruler , King, something of great beauty, Sexual God, arden lover
I call to you my brothers and rally like Gennaros
and let's slay our foes.

He's a Genaro he gets all the honeys

Tonight I will become a GENARO and will rule the world
#god #warrior #fighter #lover #handsome
by jasonthecocksucker November 17, 2014
Some that is GAY and loves to suck Dick.
Genaro is Thirsty . Genaro is a Fagget.
#gay #fagget #fag #dicksucker #thirsty
by Fucking Peanut January 01, 2014
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