Taking a blanket and making a small fold along the end to create a little pocket or finger tunnel, holding the blanket in place with your middle finger and thumb, you insert your index finger into the finger tunnel and go in and out, a technique used to relax while watching cartoons.
Some also refer to the act of rolling the nap of the blanket into small balls but not me.
Jordan was geish-ing his blanket the other day.
by cum2me October 18, 2006
Top Definition
the ridged gap between the end of the genatalia and the anus, sexually sensitive and shrouded in anatomical mystery
"It goes without saying that Marlon Brando has the sweatiest geish in showbusiness"
by Rico January 24, 2003
Bit of gritty hair that gathers between the sack and crack and sometimes contains dingleberries
"Lick my geish!"
by Will January 22, 2004
Another word for grundle...the place where duckbutter gathers (see duckbutter, male definition)
"I shoed that midget right in his geish!"
by JayPo December 17, 2002
The area of skin between the bottom of your scrotum/vagina and your anus.

It is referred to in the hospital or elsewhere as the Perineum.

It can also be used to mean to the same feish in certain situations

(Can also be spelled Guiche, Geesh)
Oh man, he's got a hairy geish (meaning he's got a hairy Perineum)
by pHiLLite July 03, 2005
The back part of your neck.
Jay: "You have a sweaty geish!"
Jay: "That shit is FILF"
by Jayhowes7 June 18, 2008
The area of skin between your anus and your penis (or vagina for that matter) Known to get very dirty, and also known as the undercarriage.
Shit, my geish is killing me after sitting on that bike all day.
by Rory-99 November 17, 2007
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