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older brother in mandrin Chines
ta shi wo de gege. he is my gege(older brother)
by dailo101 July 10, 2009
32 8
Gege means princess in chinese, if spelled 格格.
It can be somebody's name, too. So the girls named Gege should be like a princess, maybe pretty like one, or graceful as one.
For those who don't know, Gege is pronouced ga-ga in the amercian way and the 2nd 'g' is NOT capitalized.
Most people named Gege are fun to hang out with, but thats within opinion.
dude, she seems like a princess.
whoa, then her name must be Gege!
by gegezany July 26, 2009
34 20
a ge-ge (jee-jee) is another word for someone who is flawless or sexy.
damn that girls sooo ge-ge!!
by sashaD January 20, 2008
8 8