A geezer is a descriptive word in the UK which is used to define a mans characteristics. A geezer will be found usually out side a pub with a pint in his hand on match day. They commonly like football, scrapping, beer, tea, tits, and Barry white. Geezers often acknowledge other geezers by a greeting each other by saying geezer followed by a nod and a thumbs up.
Nigel: Alright geezer how much is a can of red stripe
Charles: For you nothing my friend because your a top geezer
Nigel: arr Cheers geeze *nod* *thumbs up*

Charles: *nod* *thumbs up*
by Sir. SpudLock March 07, 2015
a man
oi geezer
by witts.inc June 03, 2003
An old man who has excessive amounts of dandruff on his ballsack.
Look at that old geezer! I would hate to see him go kudos
by cougar744316 May 01, 2011
(gē • zûr) n. Slang. An old man, particularly one who is either cranky or eccentric.
That old geezerbroke his hip!
by Nighthawk7 December 09, 2009
slang for any "salt of the earth" type bloke you might meet in the street.
Geezer! Geezer! Mines a kebab.
by mook December 03, 2002
Slang for a redneck bloke who doesn't make any sense at all.

To properly pronounce, say, "ghee-ZAH".
*in a club*
person1- "Do you see that person over there?"
person2- "yeah."
person1- "he's a filthy geezer."
by deadsushisocks June 06, 2013
A little bit whoo a litte bit way,ducker, diver fucker and a skiver!
Alright geezer got any gear!
by mentalgeezer August 05, 2003

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