Old People, usually drive extremely slow.
Walk into a Nursing Home and you get thrusted upon geezers
by cat g October 13, 2007
Extremely old man who is frail, drives slowly, annoys the hell out of you, complains about kids being too loud, slurs and talks about the good old days when you could get a pint of beer for a shilling!
Look at that old geezer! i wish he would die!
by Ryan Guthrie June 18, 2003
slang for any "salt of the earth" type bloke you might meet in the street.
Geezer! Geezer! Mines a kebab.
by mook December 03, 2002
Used mostly in England. Reffers to an old guy that is excentric, drinks a lot, scares children, is a pervert, or watches football and swears when his favourite team loses. Not to be confused with old fart, whom meaning is another (an insult).
That geezer I saw yesterday freaked me out...
by BangUrMissus September 19, 2015
An old man who has excessive amounts of dandruff on his ballsack.
Look at that old geezer! I would hate to see him go kudos
by cougar744316 May 01, 2011
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