one who is guitarded
That geetard just tried to convince me that those humbuckers were single coils!
#retard #guitar #retarded #guitarded #stupid
by Omar Churchill February 16, 2011
Top Definition
A word relating to Gerard Way, the lead singer of the band My Chemical Romance.

1) Can be used to insult Gerard
2) Can be used to describe someone overly obsessed with Gerard.
1) Ugh, i hate that person that just referred to my hero as Geetard.
2) I'm such a Geetard
#gerard arthur way #mcr #my chemical romance #mcrmy #gerard #hero
by EAG January 14, 2007
A negative term for Gerard Way, the lead singer of My Chemical Romance.

dumb kid: "I can't believe you like My Chemical Romance. Geetard sucks. Seriously, what a poser."
me: "noob."
#gerard way #my chemical romance #gerard #way #mcr #my chem
by December 05, 2006
n: A complete fool for Gerard Way, the lead singer of My Chemical Romance. These fans are complete dorks over the man and are usually quite proud of it. Some of them idolize him as either their savior or hero, but most of them are simply madly in love with him.
Quote of a classic Geetard: "OH my Geesus, "Thank You For The Venom", the live version on the Life On The Murder Scene CD... Gerard at the very beginning, he like screams all dark and scary "THANK YOU FOR THE VENOM!!!" and then he's like "OPEN UP THOSE FUCKING MOSH PITS RIGHT NOW!!! OPEN IT UP!!!" And then at the end... he GROWLS... I pretty much had a soundgasm. He's so beautiful."
#soundgasm #my chemical romance #gerard way #love #music
by MC Bella January 23, 2007
another word for tard; gee is the sound that tards make, or more generally the sound of society

Why you bein' such a geetard today?
Society is made up of nothing but a bunch of geetards.
#gee #tard #rere #tard tard #retardation tragedy
by squilliam November 24, 2006
gerard way with bleached blonde hair.
Gerard is a geetard for bleaching his hair.
#my chemical romance #gerard way #retard #gee #gerard
by brooke acker September 07, 2006
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