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Any edible device that goes well with fresh geet.
"Hey...Dwevans brought us some geet treats!"

"Man...I wish I had some geet treats. These canned yams are repulsive!"

"Saint Dorothy Mantooth gives out geet treats for Halloween."

"If you are a good little boy, the geet treat fairy will provide you with a bounty of geet treat sustenance."

"Chewbacca enjoys geet treats of the pre-natal variety."

"Oil is the perfect geet treat for your homemade cyborg."

"Yo...i gots the munchies. Go get me some geet treats!"
by Miniscule September 08, 2008
A treat that you have purchased previous to getting geeted out. A scrumptious morsel in which satisfies all geet cravings, and leaves your geet friends jealous that they did not purchase that item for their own geet needs.
Hey, we need to go to Casey's before we get geeted out so we have some geet treats to throw down on.
Man, this chocolate pie and Herbal energy drink is the supreme geet treat combination!rice
by Blind Moth September 08, 2008
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