To Unbelievable; Far Fetched
Someone tells you something that is so far fetched your reply would be "thats Geese"
by Mark Davis August 22, 2003
a word for any object that can be altered and is sold in a food shop. normally used in a question by the retailer.
1.salt and vinegar on your geese?

2.would you like your geese wrapped up or to eat now?
#moose #piss #grandma #geeseington #lips
by jeff badger December 08, 2005
mike g, thegeese
is geese gonna make the reservations or what?
by Murph April 04, 2004
A pimptacular person of any gender, race, creed, or religion. Term used mostly in the 1970's :D
"Yo geese, let's get them hoes off the curb!"
by Colliecakes January 16, 2016
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