an african american from the hood who reverts to panhandling in his new suburban surroundings, all the while playing the race card
what's up with that brothah? ...last night he hit me up at the bar for drinks, and food...I can't shake this guy, or any money out of his wallet...

I told you to not feed the geese.
#geese #panhandle #brotha #goose #beg #beggar #hood #hoodie
by laslo January 16, 2013
To rob a house.
Did you hear? Tom's house was geesed last night.
#geesed #robing #rob #home #geese
by nana21 July 11, 2010
Get Eaten Enviably, Sex
As in- Katie, are you gonna be geeSe for us?
#girl #boy #eat #sex #mouth
by Kirker July 18, 2009
v. to leave
"yo man, we be geese"
"how could you go and geese me like dat?!"
by murrie-j June 30, 2003
To beat, to win, to do well, to pound, to express joy.
We geesed our chemistry exam this week
by Michael Cornachs September 29, 2003
Plural of goose, another waterfowl not to be confused with ducks, geese are larger, more dangerous, and far louder
Those are ducks, you fool! They're geese, and they're heading this way! Run!
by michael November 11, 2003
Don Geese the master of the 19" used to dent numerous vehicles hoods
"do you see that Don? It would tear you apart!"
by Knick May 06, 2004
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