1) An expression of shock, disbelief, disgust, or just annoyance.

2) A sarcastic response when you really dont care but want to pretend you do.
1) Hey today I had to have my colon removed - (response) GEESE!
1a) Turn the mic off and get off my show guys!!!!! GEESE!!!!

2) Today me and my girlfriend had the greatest day ever - (not giving a fuck response) geese
#geese #wow #shocked #annoyed #not caring
by Johnny J.T July 17, 2009
To be extremely intoxicated on alcohol, marijuana or a mix of both
CUDI, he was geese last night
#geese #intoxicated #intoxifaded #crossfaded #fucked-up
by aka-it-wasnt-necessary October 05, 2010
What old people smell like
I hugged my grandpa and he smelled like a flock of geese
#geese #old people #old #person #dirty bird
by GeorgeNS November 08, 2014
The cooler way of saying "Yeah, right"
Person 1: I'm the hottest dude on the block
Person 2: GEESE!!!!
by Lucas December 30, 2004
To tell a lie
John says I just won a million dollers Kyle says that's a geese
#lie #fib #tall tale #not truth #wrong
by Kdabull17 December 14, 2009
Plural of gesse
Them geeses are loud
#geese #goose #gooses #baril #hello
by Dr. RJ Logan July 05, 2009
Armed, push in robbery of a residence, usually by force. Generally refers to home invasion of a drug dealer, or any criminal who keeps drugs, money or other valuables in their home.
Last night, Felix the weed dealer got geesed by two dudes dressed up as UPS drivers.
#push in robbery #robbery #home invasion #stick up #heist
by FGism December 29, 2008
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