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t: remember geenyus?
m: are you kidding!
m: how could i forget?!
m: it's geenyus
t: yeah
t: (GEEN-ius)
t: im just putting in the pronunciation key
t: for when we put these words into the dictionary
m: yeah, when are we doing that?
t: friday

* * *

t: ok so... geenyus: noun- one whos a real fucking dumass, a master of the art of stupidity, unmatched by other, lesser fools and hooligans. usu. unaffected completely by any logic, reason, or attempts to tell him just how fucking dumb he is. the only solution is to give him a name that sounds like something good and hope he goes away
t: and with that, i bid you goodnight
Tomer: hey, can I join your geenyus patrol?

Cameron: sorry, you're a guh-naius
by Grandmasta C thug February 28, 2005

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