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craziest mofo eva!! fun lil girl not too wild cute enuff 2 make u smile!! ;) hehe!! party gurllll!
Did you hear about Geena having that awesome party?
by Geena April 03, 2003
An awesome girl who is great to have fun with. Very reliable, helpful and smart. A wild person with lots of great personalities.
"Do you know Geena?"
by yoyoyoyooyoy1234556789 December 31, 2011
a girl with a really sexy hot best friend.
"wow that geena has a really hot friend!!"
"i know! i was just thinking the same thing!!!!!"
by foshobro69 January 23, 2009
An alternate way of saying "Geeza", originated accidently due to alchohol intoxication disrupting the ability to refer to a friend as a "Geeza"
You a fucking legend geena!
did you ram-ding her geena?
awrite geena.
by DaPz March 12, 2007
a two faced bitch that talks shit about everyone but can never say it to there face cuz she to scared. She has poofy hair and big bug eyes that pop out everywhere.
That ugly two face puta called Geena needs to watch her back before I beat her ass.
by nena y whisper June 11, 2004
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