a marijuana joint laced with cocaine to intensify the high.
The geeker John smoked made his heart beat rapidly.
by heywood March 24, 2005
Top Definition
a crack addict with the characteristically fast walk and glazed eyes.
Joey: look at that geeker bitch all zoned out, she needs help.
Marcus: no, she needs to come over here and give me fellatio for $15
by Meta4.ce August 04, 2004
A group of straight up G's who smokes/sells and geeks like monkeys.
"Nigga! Hit this blunt. Geek, geek, geek."
"Bra, you ain't in the Geekers."
by Vankyfolife May 07, 2009
a couple who is high off the ganja and likes to make out in elevators.
baby, we're such geekers but I love making out with you in this elevator, even with the camera there!
by lindsay b August 21, 2007
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