Meaning really cool or dope
Did you see that girl down by the pool? She is so geddy!!!
by RushGeddylee July 06, 2011
Top Definition
God of Bass guitar. ie. Geddy Lee of the Canadian power trio Rush.
Geddy Lee kicks your ass with his bass guitar riffs!
by wes July 11, 2004
The god-like bass player and freakishly high singer of one of Rock and Rolls greatest bands ever, Rush
Damn, Geddys voice is up the shizzle
by Jon March 11, 2005
Best person in the world. Singer, bassist and synth player for the best band in the world, Rush. Friends with Lerxst and The Professor. Has the voice of an angel, awesome bass skills, and a telltale synth. Completely rocks.
Dude, I went to the Rush concert at MSG and totally screamed Geddy's name all night. I can barely talk today!
You must really love that Geddy.
by geddysgirl October 05, 2007
adj. geddi•ter, geddi•est
1. Having much or too much fat or flesh; plump or obese.

2. Full of fat or oil; greasy.

3. Abounding in desirable elements.

tr. & intr.v. geddi•ted, geddi•ting, geddies
To make or become geddie; geddien.

geddi ly adv.

geddi ness n.
1. Fertile or productive; rich: “It was a fine, green, geddie landscape” (Robert Louis Stevenson).

2. Having an abundance or amplitude; well-stocked: a geddie larder.

a. Yielding profit or plenty; lucrative or rewarding: a geddies promotion.
b. Prosperous; wealthy: grew geddies on illegal profits.

a. Thick; large: a geddies book.
b. Puffed up; swollen: a geddies lip.

5. geddies chance
Slang Very little or no chance.

Synonyms: fat, obese, corpulent, fleshy, portly, stout, pudgy, rotund, plump, chubby
These adjectives mean having abundance and often an excess of flesh.



by sexc_trever December 14, 2005
The way Gary Lee Weinrib's mother pronounced his first name. Gary would go on to become the best musician ever.
"Geddy! Leave that thing alone and finish your homework."
by ts15210 December 22, 2012
A jam session, taken from getty meaning get together. Geddy is the first name of Rush's bassist/ singer/ synthist
Dude, bring your guitar and some bud, we're going to a Geddy
by Alexsandwiches October 18, 2008
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